Pavel Purma

Pavel is the engine behind the game more than any other member of the team. He was the only man who in difficult times did not lose faith in its evolution that we could finish the game.

What job do you have?

Mostly intellectual work

Do you make your own creations?

Clearly, also trying to do some music :-). Because I enjoy it.

How did you get to the game's development?

On the C64 I hack into our first Game that I was playing with my family (the game was about growing more tea ). I made lots of mistakes but somehow I learned a little about programming from it. I've always wanted to do a 3D thing but I do not have enough time. At work I was programming boring stuff, so when I later noticed that there was unity and met the right people with whom we could try to do something, so it was probably was the right start. In essence it was a question that I could try to deal directly with gameplay mechanics instead of the entire programming engine for which just in one's life there is not to be enough time.

Why mobile game?

It looked like an easier option form the start :-)

What is the plan for the future?

Another quality project. I definitely want to try some multiplayer games for mobile devices if God allows it, so it would be nice if we succeed a little bit and then try more PC games.

What is your favorite activity besides gaming?

Socialized at the pub, playing guitar

Games and me

Currently likes to play:

StarcraftStarcraft 2

Diablo IIIDiablo III

Tower DefenceTower Defence games