Lukas "LES" Sladek

Luke has worked at CS Technologies Ltd since its inception. In his work reflects his honest nature. He is a very experienced animator who likes to dream. At this time he has even mastered the art of lucid dreaming. His dreams are far beyond the capabilities of current imaging devices. The topic of his dreams? horrors therefore never ask him what he thinks! Do not do it! Never!

What job do you have?

Graphic Designer - Animation – level design

Do you make your own creations?

I’m thinking about a game that no one has created before.

How did you get into the game's development?

It would take a long time and I hate to write. From elementary school I hid under my pillow Score magazine so my mum would not find it.

Why mobile games?

Perhaps it is now the easiest chance to have a successful game. Although it’s that so easy. IT´S NOT SO EASY!

What is the plan for the future?

It does not depend on me. When they say jump, I jump.

What is your favourite activity besides gaming?

Pub, sleeping, cooking, sports. Oh, and I like to invent.

Games and me

Currently likes to play:


EVEEVE online


I play just on my mobile phone when I have time. And there is not much. I discovered the Clash Royale, it's a great game. Action, strategy, fast ... it reminded me a lot of my experience from StarCraft.