Lukáš Kout

Graphic designer. He likes abandoned animals. His muse is in cheap pubs. His dream is to be a blacksmith.

What job do you have?

I work at CS Technologies in Hradec Kralove making graphics – the majority Web and promotions.

Do you make your own creations?

Since 2012 I have been working on my project Fairy Arts, which was devoted to a combination of post-production and digital painting. Recently I have spent time on fantasy story’s, which over the years has come from that. Respectively, from the birth of my son, I would like to have a little prettier picture book :) My work is very influenced by Norse mythology, baroque culture and raw fantasy.

How did you get to the game's development?

I wanted to try what it would be like to do something by ourselves. I was really influenced by the book Ready Player One. I am glad that our first game Entiat is such a tribute to the old classics arcade games...

Why mobile game?

Beacuse at the moment the mobile gaming market is the best place to make some money we need for our future gaming projects.

What is the plan for the future?

I do not know how to write it modestly, but if I'm to be honest, to make people aware that we are the studio that makes the game honestly in their style and their handwriting is recognized. Sufficient satisfaction I take that it will entertain a lot of people. Get rich is not what we want, if we nurture it will be enough, it will be more than I can wish.

What is your favorite activity besides gaming?

What lures me is blacksmithing. Otherwise, I try to improve my classic painting. I like going with my colleagues from work each week for a beer, where we discuss :) Without sounding like a cliché, my son tell stories of Taengoru, which is the world that I would like to create but I need for 5-10 years to finish, but it is very optimistic, because playing me after all talking about a little bit more and I need to until it's done was worth it ... :)

Games and me

Currently likes to play:


EVEEVE online


I love human interaction and the gaming community :) Single games go almost beyond me, vyjjimka Limba and occasional záchodovek. Generally I play games a lot. I don’t give it so much so much thought ... but I think I love the atmosphere around them and of course such an escape that everybody needs. Besides playing, I enjoy developing journals, like watching a campaign dedicated to crowd funding and I still hope that the Fantasy clone EVE will be online :). When I think about it I have been playing for 15 years and I would never trade it for anything. It is clear to me that some people can be a waste of time, but I think playing quite a bit and it's sometimes it good to get out of this world, which despite all its virtues is not always the place where I wanted to be. :)