1. The beginning of something

in the summer of 2012 after many sleepless nights, I decided to put my dream into effect. I have been thinking about it for a while and decided to turn my dream into a reality and create the game. Or at least I try to.

Entite Game Květen

2. Ideas and Visions

I did not want to make a game that is already on the market, I wanted something you can play in the subway or on the toilet, Something that when a person plays it, remembers and feels the atmosphere of arcade gaming and can have a similar experience and feeling on your mobile.

"It must be honest and flash from the love of arcade ..."

3. Hard times

after the initial euphoria that recharge my world. I discovered that it is not as rosy as I thought. At work I was falling asleep, at home I was depressed ... money that I had earmarked for development was spent on stupid drugs that kept me on my feet. I bet everything on one hand and I was beginning to feel that I could not win the game...


4. New hope

I do not like clichés. But in 2013 the beginning of the New Year, I had unpaid bills and moved into a smaller apartment. I brought my partner in who started to help. Thanks to his knowledge, I was able to work much faster.

5. Busted

at work it began to look bad and I needed money so I could survive this difficult time, besides the fact that I had slept very little, I ate poorly and did not last long in the job and knew that something was happening. I put my neck on the line and I told them what I am working on. In September of 2013, I got the green light and was able to work on a better computer. I also had the opportunity to choose other people that I needed for the engine and graphics.

6. Expanding the team

I knew that in this area I needed experienced people, but I stuck to one principle:

"Remember, no assholes! They don’t understand how much I’m into this game; they only care about their own success."

More than anyone else I knew about money matters, but making a game without a heart. I'd rather do something else....

7. Development

Although I would like to write some stories about what happen during development, nothing too major happened except perhaps that we were doing things by mostly mistake-mistake style. I fell into a large depression and most of us learn the function of an overdraft. The heart that I put into the game was still there. And it was the most important, at least for us.

8. Finishing off

Unbelievable. Everyone wanted to succeed but on the other hand everybody was not sure if we could finish the game. I doubted that the game would get to the stage that anybody would be able to play it. During development it became my goal and I realized one thing that I wanted to make just games to the end of my working life. Whether it turns out in anyway with the Entite. Yeah, our game was named Entite.

9. Marketing partners 

None of us were focus in marketing at a level to promote our game. People from our company started a marketing campaign to promote the game.

10. GDS 2015

The fact that we decided to get our own people to promote the game was one of our best decisions ever at our first presentation of the game at GDS. Moreover, they helped us to avoid mistakes,they proved that their hearts were in the game also. Entite was presented as a 3.5 diskette business card.

“People usually keep or discard business cards they are given, but throw away our business card would do only someone who is not the right person for our game.”