How I developed new gaming style

When I started in the summer of 2012 thinking about the idea of making my own games, I had absolutely no idea how the game itself should look like. The only thing I knew is what I really wanted to do. Over time I was more and more convinced that I wanted to play would reflect universal themes and gives an honest arcade experience. The first steps led to sketches in pencil, from which I and the entire current Entite team gradually came to life. Despite numerous glitches we came to an understanding that we must build on these three pillars

1. Swipe to death :-)

We wanted to make the alpha and omega of the game moving a finger across the screen, for which timing, and transmission of speed would be important.

Image 1

2. Paralax run

Parallax move that moves in a countermovement direction added to the game action and adrenalin element.

Image 3

3. Close to the universe

We are all very close to space, sometimes closer than the world in which we live :) and for those that secretly loved Seven of Nine ... Doing a game set in another environment did not even come into consideration.

Image 4

... finaly

Image 5